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What is the point of life? Why do people suffer? What happens when you die? Is forgiveness possible? These and many more questions are asked and answered on our Alpha course.
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Infant Blessings and Dedications
Children are a great gift from God and it’s quite natural for us to want to thank God for that gift and ask him to bless our children. At Community Church Killingworth we believe baptism is linked to a belief in Jesus which requires a level of understanding and is therefore something for older children and adults. (See link to what is a Christian). So while we don’t baptise or christen our children, we do have dedication services for Christian parents and infant blessing services for parents who don’t feel able to make the same promises of faith required at a dedication, but nevertheless want to thank God for the gift of their child and ask Him to bless them and the family. They are wonderful family occasions. Please contact us for more information or click here.

Marriage, Parenting and 'Drug proofing your kids'
We are committed to supporting families in our community and have the resources available to run courses on marriage, parenting and “drug proofing your kids”.  These are all practical courses for people who are doing OK but want to have even better relationships with their spouse and/or children. P
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